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SL Week Three Winner :: Congratulations Annalouiza!

Picking this week’s winner was a tough call because we received so many wonderful comments! We had to call in Heather to help us decide! We would like to congratulate Annalouiza Armendariz for her spirited winning comment!
Here is her list of things she would put in her Offhand Designs Daisy bag:

“Well, I have been thinking about this, even before I saw the drawing for this bag. I would like an Offhand Design bag and here is what I’d like to fill into my pockets:
1. One soft, hand embroidered hanky (tis the season);
2. A skein of yarn for a sweet baby hat for my friend who is expecting a Christmas baby;
3. A small bottle of Coco Chanel #5. I have never had the money for a bottle, but we are dreaming, right?
4. A flask with my favorite bourbon;
5. A tube of RED lipstick;
6. Peppermints;
7. A sci-fi fantasy book, preferably where the heroine wields big knives;
8. A notepad;
9. A new camera, not a phone…;
10. A key to a little cabin somewhere in the woods so I can relax on a used but comfortable wing back chair, placed to the side of a blazing fire, beside my rickety but charming table with my glass of amazing pinot noir and my new bag at my feet streaming out the yarn for my knitting….sweet dream!"

Thank you to everyone who participated! It’s not too late to become the proud owner of a Daisy or Iris bag – we have plenty in a variety of beautiful textiles! Get your own lightweight luxury market bag today!

Sage Luxury says: 
Heather's favorite - "2. A skein of yarn for a sweet baby hat"
Stephanie's favorite - "7. A sci-fi fantasy book"
Larisa's favorite - "10. A key to a little cabin somewhere in the woods"

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annalouiza armendariz
annalouiza armendariz

December 21, 2013

OHMYGOODNESS! Awesome! i can’t wait to fill my pockets with some items and show you! Yea!!!

Thank you so much.

You’re amazing!

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